Applying For 11.7T Paid Scan Time:

  1. All research conducted at the WSU MR Research Facility must be approved by the MR Research Committee. The MR Research Committee meets quarterly, but also reviews proposals electronically on a monthly basis.
  2. Research proposals/protocols, Initial Contact form, IACUC approvals, finalized sequences (from the scanner), and PI Biographical Sketch should be submitted electronically to Farhad Ghoddoussi (Email: no later than the fourth Wednesday of the preceding month to be considered for review.
    1. Proposal Format:
    2. Note to investigators when submitting your 1-2 page protocol summary use the following guidelines:

      Materials and Methodology: (include MR sequences, number of subjects, and number of scans per subject)
      Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria: (include MR safety exclusions)
      How the study will be conducted:

    3. Complete the following form: Initial Contact Form (doc) (pdf)
    4. Supply the following:
      1. Copy of Approved Proposal
      2. Completed Initial Contact Form
      3. Sequence List to be used (xls)
      4. IACUC Approval
    5. Contact the person responsible for schedule time on the magnet you wish to use.
      11.7T: Farhad Ghoddoussi; Email:; Desk: 313-577-6910
    6. Type of Funding
      Type of payment for the scan time.
  3. Once your Project is approved by the MR Research Committee, PIs must go to the 11.7T calendar to find open times to schedule their MRI. Also please use the most recent and updated MR screening sheet (doc) (pdf) to screen the person performing the MRI exam.