This page outlines the process for starting a new research project utilizing equipment managed by the MR Research Facility.

Meet the 7T magnet Director: Please schedule a meeting with Dr. Bruce Berkowitz ( to initiate the process of reviewing and starting a new project/requesting 7T magnet time.

Proposal Submission Guidelines
All research conducted at the WSU MR Research Facility must be approved by the MR Research Committee. The MR Research Committee meets quarterly, but also reviews proposals electronically on a monthly basis. Proposals must be submitted by the fourth Wednesday of the preceding month to be considered for review.
Projects to be considered must submit the following documents electronically to Robin Roberts (Email:

  1. Research Proposal (1-2 pages) in the following format:
    • Title:
    • Rationale:
    • Aims:
    • Materials and Methodology: (include MR sequences, number of subjects, and number of scans per subject)
    • Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria: (include MR safety exclusions)
    • How the study will be conducted:
    • Analysis:
  2. 7T scan request form (pdf)
  3. IACUC Approval
  4. Biographical Sketch of the PI

Scanner Rate
The FY2019 rate for the 7T scanner is $175/hour for NIH and non-profit funding and $383/hour for commercial funding studies. These charges include technical support personnel, maintenance contracts, and instrument upgrades. Other supplies (e.g. contrast agents, etc.) and processing fees may incur additional fees (as discussed with Dr. Berkowitz). Contact Robin Roberts (Email: for more information.

Budgeting for Research Scans
Research scans at Wayne State University are considered "Equipment or Facility Rental/User Fees" under "Other direct costs" and are subject to Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs. Current F&A rates can be found here.
When budgeting for research scan time, please also plan for animal and care costs, cost for other supplies such as isoflurane and IACUC processing fees. Please see prices here.
If you need help with developing your budget, please contact your department’s Grant & Contract Officer here.

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Review criteria:
Once a project is submitted the following criteria will be used to determine the scientific ranking for the project:

  • Scientific merit
  • Technical feasibility of project
  • Funding status/likelihood of funding
  • Development required to implement project
  • Availability of personnel and equipment

Approved/Ongoing Projects
Once a scientific ranking has been determined, it will be translated into a priority for scan time allocation. This allocation will be assigned a project number that can be used to schedule time using the online scheduling system (iLab).
Scan time priorities:

  • NIH funded projects
  • Externally funded projects
  • Pilot projects – funded by developmental time
  • Sequence/protocol testing

Animal Research Subject Management

  1. Documentation
    1. The following documents must be on file in the MR Research Facility prior to the start of any animal research project.
    1. Initial Contact Form Completed
    2. Copy of IACUC approval
    3. Copy of IACUC approved protocol
  2. Scheduling
  3. Priority of the proposal regarding magnet and personnel time
    NIH funding > Industry funding > No funding
    1. All small animal research (mice/rats) utilizing MR 7T facilities/personnel need to be scheduled through the 7T Manager or designate.
    2. Larger species will require use of the large bore magnets and must be scheduled through the 3T Head MR Technician or Research Magnet Coordinator (313)745-1393.
  4. Safety
    1. The PI and staff associated with the research must be proficient with magnet safety rules.
    2. PIs are responsible for their own personal protective equipment (PPE) and disposables (gloves, syringes, etc.) as well as thoroughly cleaning according to the posted IACUC recommendations after their experiments.
    3. Safety in services can be provided to researches and their staff as needed.
  5. Animal Care and Housing
    1. Housing in Elliman is available but must be approved and coordinated through Dr. Gerry Hish ( of DLAR.
    2. Housing and euthanasia should comply with DLAR/AAALAC standards.
    3. An Isoflurane vaporizer and vacuum system is available for use. Isoflurane anesthesia is to be provided by the PI and can be purchased through the DLAR. Please schedule time with Yimin Shen (; Phone: 313-966-0579) on how to operate.
  6. Animal Disposal
    1. Researchers are responsible for their own animal disposal.