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Our Bruker 30cm bore 7T ClinScan system is a preclinically oriented small animal MRI system for translational studies. This system has a Siemens user interface Syngo making all our work transportable to the human 3T machine and vice versa. With ClinScan one can enter the field of translational research and molecular imaging.

The main magnet of this system is actively shielded, similar to the human 3T system. The refrigeration technology used for the main magnet has a long helium holding time and requires minimal number of maintenance. The gradient strength of the 7T is 290 mT/m with a slew rate of 1160 T/m/s.

The 7T is equipped with Bruker RF array coil technology in combination with numerous animal handling accessories and Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto/Trio technology with up to 32 receive channels. The maximal receiver bandwidth is 1 MHz. The RF amplifier has up to 1400 W pulse power. Clinical user interface syngo enables efficient workflow and highly automated MRI and MRS applications on small animals. The host computer of 7T has a dual processor Intel XEON CPU and a high performance image dual processor (2x AMD Opteron).

Services Provided:

  • Sequence Testing & Sequence development
  • MR Protocol development
  • Providing Research Collaboration and Consultant
  • Mentoring and Training

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  1. Coil and cradle:
    1. System body coil, big cradle for rat
    2. rat body coil.
    3. rat body coil array (16 channels), special cradle.
    4. mouse body coil, special cradle.
    5. rat brain surface coil (PC).
    6. rat brain 2x2 surface coil (Bruker loaner?)
    7. rat brain Q2 surface coil (Bruker loaner?)
    8. mouse brain 2x2 surface coil, mouse cradle.
    9. single loop surface coil ( 1cm, 2cm)
    10. rat heart surface coil built on a cradle.
    11. mouse heart surface coil, cradle.
  2. Model 1030 MR-compatible small animal monitoring gating system: HP BroBook laptop, ERT control/gating model, ERT model, Simulator, accessory.
  3. Heat water pump for animal bed on magnet. Another for animal wake up.
  4. 2 isoflurane vaporizers. 2 sets of ventilators to wall vacuum.

Standard Imaging Sequences and protocols:
Spin Echo (Single, double, multi echo)
Inversion recovery (IR)
2D/3D Turbo Spin Echo (TSE)
Dark Fluid TSE
2D/3D TSE Restore (DEFT), with Gain Switching
2D/3D Turbo FLASH
2D/3D Time-of-Flight (TOF) Angiography
Single shot and segmented gradient and spin echo EPI
Multi echo SWI

Parallel Imaging
iPAT (integrated parallel Imaging) techniques including GRAPPA & mSENSE
iPAT is integrated with all relevant imaging techniques

Diffusion and Perfusion Imaging
Echo Planar Imaging (EPI)

Multi directional diffusion weighting Tensor calculation including tractography
Perfusion applications including processing (PASL)

Spectroscopic Imaging & Spectroscopy
Spin Echo & STEAM, PRESS and CSI
Fully automated adjustments including localized shimming and adjustment of water suppression pulses
Hybrid CSI technique including volume selection and FoV encoding 2D & 3D acquisition k – space weighted averaging