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Applying For 3T Paid Scan Time:

  1. All research conducted at the WSU MR Research Facility must be approved by the MR Research Committee. The MR Research Committee meets quarterly, but also reviews proposals electronically on a monthly basis.
  2. Research proposals/protocols, Initial Contact form, IRB approvals, finalized sequences (from the scanner), Consent forms, and PI Biographical Sketch should be submitted electronically to Pavan Jella (Email: pavanjella4@gmail.com) no later than the fourth Wednesday of the preceding month to be considered for review.
    1. Proposal Format:
    2. Note to investigators when submitting your 1-2 page protocol summary use the following guidelines:

      Materials and Methodology: (include MR sequences, number of subjects, and number of scans per subject)
      Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria: (include MR safety exclusions)
      How the study will be conducted:

    3. Complete the following form: Initial Contact Form (doc) (pdf)
    4. Supply the following:
      1. Copy of Approved Proposal
      2. Completed Initial Contact Form
      3. Sequence List to be used (xls)
      4. IRB/IACUC Approval
      5. PI Biographical Sketch
    5. Type of Funding
      Type of payment for the scan time.
  3. Once your Project is approved by the MR Research Committee, please contact Pavan Jella (pavan.jella@wayne.edu;313-745-1388) to schedule time on the magnet. Also please use the most recent and updated (April/2017) MR screening sheet (doc) (pdf) to screen the subjects before their MRI exam.

Human Research Subject Management

  1. Documentation
    1. The following documents must be on file in the MR Research Facility prior to the start of any human research project.
    1. Copy of HIC approval
    2. Copy of HIC approved protocol
    3. Copy of HIC approved consent
    4. Copy of HIC approved HIPPA form

    Please note all consent forms should include a description of the MR scan, contraindications/possible contraindications to MR and potential risks and benefits.

  2. Safety
    1. The PI or the research assistant recruiting the subject will be provided with a MR Safety Screening Form and is responsible for the initial MR safety screening.
    2. If the subject answers yes to any of the screening questions the PI must contact the Chief Research Technologist at (313) 745-1391.
    3. The PI will be provided with a MR Data Form and is responsible for filling out the form.
    4. The PI will provide a copy of the subject signed consent form on the day of the scan.
    5. On the day of the scan the subject will again be screened by MR research personnel and must be cleared as safe before entering the scanner room.
    6. All subjects will be given earplugs or headphones prior to being moved into the magnet.
    7. All subjects will be given the MR safety bulb and instructed on its use prior to be moved into the magnet.
    8. Someone must always be in the control room when the magnet is occupied.
    9. In the event of a medical or other emergency the subject will be immediately removed from the scanner room and appropriate steps taken.
    10. Female subjects of child bearing age being scanned on the 3T must have a urine pregnancy test done prior to scanning. The MR Research Facility will provide the kits and training to key personnel as to their use. Please contact the Research Coordinator for further details.
  3. Valuables/Clothing
    1. Any subject valuables (i.e. coins, keys, credit cards, jewelry) that must be removed prior to scanner room entry must either be locked up in the valuables cupboard/drawer or given to someone chosen by the subject.
    2. Subjects will be provided a locker for any clothing that cannot be worn during the scan.

    Please note MR Research personnel will not take responsibility for subject valuables and strongly encourage subjects to leave valuables at home whenever possible.

  4. Sedation
  5. The MR Research Facility does not provide anesthesia and/or sedation.

  6. Confidentiality
    1. All subject records kept by the MR Research Facility will be secured. Access to these records will be limited to personnel directly involved in the study, WSU IRB and the study sponsor.
  7. Subject scheduling
    1. Subject scheduling is done by the Study Coordinator or the Research Technologist.
    2. Scheduling priority is given to funded projects which are ranked using the following criteria.
      1. Protocol specific time frames
      2. Coordination of personnel necessary to perform the exam