Wayne State University

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Fetal Imaging


PI Name:
Dr. E Mark Haacke
Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Eng Dep.
Director of the MR Research Facility
Wayne State University

Personal website: mrc.wayne.edu

Fetal structures are small and hence require small voxel sizes (i.e., high resolution imaging) to sufficiently resolve different tissues. Imaging at high resolution with MRI is conventionally time consuming which on the other hand directly competes with the goal of fast fetal imaging. Dr. Haakce’s group develops and applies MR imaging techniques that employ novel data acquisition techniques that facilitate faster imaging, like segmented k-space acquisition and compressed sensing. Measuring hypoxic-ischemic condition requires the ability to measure in-vivo blood oxygenation status as well as blood flow. Susceptibility weighted MR imaging (SWI) has been used clinically to evaluate such conditions in neonates and Dr. Haacke’s group was the first to adapt this sequence to image the fetal brain. He has also applied the principles of MRI based susceptometry to measure venous blood oxygen saturation in the fetal brain, the first such measurement using MRI in human fetuses. Angiographic imaging of feto-placental blood vessels is important in assessing vascular malformations. High resolution MR angiography (MRA) in-utero is possible clinically by appropriately optimizing the clinical MR imaging sequences. Feto-placental MRA is also an important stem in quantitative flow imaging using MRI and develop fast fetal MRA techniques is one of the focuses of Dr. Haacke's group.

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